Orthotics Therapy

Orthotics Therapy, Prescription Orthoses (inserts for your shoes) are a medical grade device made especially for the individual, for each pair of scanned feet. Orthotics Therapy can provide an excellent non surgical solution for most postural problems.

They are a corrective appliance that fits easily into the shoe to redistribute body weight more evenly and correct any abnormalities in the way that we walk.

Orthotics can be made in a wide range of materials from carbon fibre, EVA to polypropylene and thermoplastics.

Devices can be prescribed by the podiatrist for a very accurate fitting.

Prescription Orthotics can be worn to eliminate: 

  • Localised foot pain
  • Bunions, hammer toes
  • Arch/ heel pain
  • Leg/ knee pain
  • Hip, back or even neck pain