Nail Surgery

The Surgical Toe Nail Correction Method

In the case of nail surgery the toe will be anaesthetised and a tourniquet will be temporally applied during surgery. The nail or part of the nail will be removed. The chemical phenol is applied for a set time, to prevent nail re-growth. The tourniquet will then be removed and the toe is dressed. The wound should remain dry for seven days. An appointment is then made for a few days after surgery to have the toe checked and re-dressed.

A thorough medical history is taken before treatment can take place. A full list of medication currently being taken must be given to the podiatrist. A roomy slipper or sandal is advised and another adult should accompany you home after surgery. You will not be covered on your car insurance straight after nail surgery. So it is not advisable to drive for the rest of the day.

More in-depth information will be given before and after treatment, verbally and written. The procedure is a painless one and the risk of any complications is very small.