Musculoskeletal Medicine

Podiatric Musculoskeletal Medicine is a rapidly evolving discipline that is an effective form of treatment and diagnosis of lower limb and foot related problems. An individual treatment plan is developed which can combine a number of modalities. The treatment can comprise of massage therapies, trigger point therapy, acupuncture, laser therapy, mobilisation and exercise rehabilitation. During the initial appointment all the details of an individual’s lifestyle will be taken into consideration, including past history. This will enable the specialist to devise a suitable treatment plan.

Podiatric Musculoskeletal Specialist can work very closely with sports physicians, orthopaedic surgeons, physiotherapists and exercise physiologists. Injuries have many different causes and effects which should be approached in an individual way, although the diagnosis will invariably be the same. Sometimes technology will be necessary as an aid in treatment such as computerised gait analysis software to measure force when standing, walking or running.  The approach in Podiatric musculoskeletal Medicine is always holistic which will benefit the whole person. Posture is usually analyzed before a definitive diagnose can be made. With this unique approach, rapid results are obtainable, to enable the body to return back to its optimum state of health.