Computerised Gait Scan

The Podiatrist can evaluate the way that you walk with the aid of advanced computer gait scan technology. This will clearly demonstrate the need for any postural correction using orthoses or postural training, to help restore proper foot function and relieve any discomfort in the back, hips knees or feet.  Gait scan is used as an enhancement to aid diagnosis and treatment; it will clearly demonstrate any ground force that can cause impact problem throughout the body.

1. Scan Feet

The patient will walk across a pressurised mat which has thousands of tiny sensors that capture the distribution of pressure throughout the sole of your foot over time.

2. Maps foot pressure

This information is then transferred onto the computer screen and is then displayed in 2-D and 3-D visual representations of the pressures under your feet.

3. Report

This information is then summarized on a report. The report findings help the Podiatrist to determine if your symptoms, that you are experiencing, are due to faulty foot mechanics.

4. Determine the need for orthotic therapy

The information obtained will help the Podiatrist to determine the need for orthotic therapy. This then aids the lab in manufacturing the best orthotic for your feet.