Formal Stress Management Coaching

Stress Management Coaching For The Busy Professional

In Stress Management we coach you how to deal with stress, not necessarily removing stress altogether but learning how to cope with it to achieve your life’s goals.

We coach on specific relaxation exercises that help the body and mind to relax that can be a real help in our daily lives. They are very simple and easy to learn techniques that can make quite a difference to your life.

These are the exercises included in the Training:

  • - Passive Progressive Muscular Relaxation
  • - Active Progressive Muscular Relaxation
  • - Introducing Relaxed Breathing
  • - Deep Physical and Mental Relaxation
  • - The Full Breath and Square Breathing Exercise
  • - Autogenic Relaxation Training
  • - Anchoring to Positive Thoughts and Feelings
  • - Inner Peace and Health

Our Stress Management Coaching Program Includes Coaching On The Following Areas:

Reducing nicotine and alcohol dependency providing specific stress techniques to help with this problem.

Muscular relaxation as a treatment for stress. We cover symptoms of Phobias which can present as panic disorder. We coach on your strengths and weaknesses and how to use specific exercises to be able to analyse how you deal with this area of your life.

We cover stress in the workplace the major causes and how to deal with it.

We use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which is great for looking at how we think and what this does with stress. We also use problem solving therapy as a way to combat stress.

We explore the triggers of stress and hyperventilation exercises. We coach on time management as this is such an important area for the busy professional.

We explore negative thinking patterns and coach on a way to help control them. We also coach on low self esteem and agoraphobia.

We use anchoring techniques and look at the relationships between stress and addictions.

We also cover diet and exercise as a way to combat stress.